Monday, November 30, 2009

Sighting on Roman Nose: Oregon

This photo is not of the sighting area.

Credit: Robert Owens/US Fish and Wildlife Service
(This sighting is in the comments section, but I'm typing it here so that everyone can read it.)

Nov. 30, 2009
Hi Linda,

Just writing to tell you and readers of your blog about another sighting on Roman Nose, up on Whitiker Creek off hwy 126 near Mapleton. It happened on Thursday of last week.

I've been up to talk to the people who claim to have seen a large hairy creature walking on two legs while out looking for a X-mas tree. Well they tell me they saw a very big animal crossing a ridge. They watched it with glasses and claim to have got a real good look at her. Yes, I mean her! Both swear they seen visible breasts on it.

I talked with them for over 2 hrs and I think they saw what they said. He is a retired vet and she worked for IP for 27 years. They're close to my age so I don't think they would send me on a wild goose chase. They seemed very truthful to me.

Here goes! Both claim it was over 7 ft. tall and near 500 pounds, brown in color, covered in hair, and moving quickly across a ridge into the timber. It never did stop and turn to look at them.

It was too rocky over there to find an tracks. You may use this on your blog, if you wish to. I promised to keep names out. At 77 years old , I'm getting too old to climb steep canyons. I have a close friend that gets these reports to me. He's with BLM. He is also a believer in bigfoot.

DS can you tell us a little more on where the bigfoot was seen? Also, did they get a look at the face on her? How long was the sighting?
Thank you DS. I appreciate your report. And I know the readers will enjoy it as well. Please answer any questions they may have in the comments section.
Linda Newton-Perry


  1. DS can you tell us a little more on where the bigfoot was seen? Also did they get a look at the face on her? How long did the sighting last? ML

  2. Yes I can tell ya how to get there. Go to Mapleton and head for Eugene. Go 5 miles to tunnel and on the other side about 2 miles leave 126 on Witicker Creek Rd. Go another 23 miles to Roman Nose lookout and it's on Dark Crk Rd. About 2 miles and you see an remains of an old Steam Donkey that was used in the 1920s. From there look down ridge with old growth timber on one side and boulders and slides on the other. About 600 Ft from road is were she was spotted on ridge top walking down towards the timber. As for what she looked like, very big in build,dark brown hair covering most of body. Hair was more sparse around eyes and nose. Face had very heavy looking jaw and head seen to have a crest or dome on back of head. Also reporters said she had a flat looking face with a larger than normal browl.(above eyes)Arms were very heavy looking and creature seemed not to know they were there. That's about it. DS

  3. This is great!!!! Sounds like a excellent sighting . Thanks DS for your report. The only thing I might add is It near Whitiker Creek Campground? If it is it's very remote, country up there. Google Earth shows Dark Creek to be virtualy untouched by logging. It also shows it to be around 6,000ft in elev. A good place for bigfoot to be in.


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