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Monday, July 18, 2016

A New Sighting Video


 If you can not view this video on your device please click link below to take you to the Youtube version. 

This comment is from the person that saw the bigfoot in this video.

(+Linda Newton-Perry hello I just downloaded google plus and saw your response ...and I don't blame you. I do know that I never ever imagined it was true , and I still can't believe what I saw. You know the more I think about it I'm not sure if it was trying to hurt us maybe more like scare us away. I was talking it over with my friend and we have come to the conclusion now that' it's settled in some and we've went over things ...that if it wanted to , it could have actually hit us with the rocks ! And it could have ran after us and attacked us, which it didn't . To be honest I almost called 911 but was in fear of them not taking us serious . I will never forget the size and the fear that hit me, and I'm a pretty big man lol. Anyways thank you for not thinking we are crazy and part of me wants to go back to see if there are any tracks or anything it could have left behind!)


Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Miller Doc

BTS! LIVE! Week In Strange 3-4-16 The Miller Doc Revisited-Bigfoot 8pmPDT


(I didn't intend to do anything more with this site but this is interesting.)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I check this site each day for comments. Thank you. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016


A person asked if I'd like to sell this site. Haven't thought about it. I may take offers. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


I'm DONE. No more information will be put on this site. I will get the comments if you wish to communicate with me. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Last One

Number 119 is the Last of Our Archive Section

From Our Archive Section

Number 119  
Submitted Jan, 2016

Of all the sightings on this site I can't find one that talks of the bigfoot on all fours. My sighting in 1972 was over near Gardner, Oregon. The bigfoot ran on two feet then went down on all fours while running down this hunting trail at stealth speed. It was a big animal looking like most of the ones described here but with that one exception.  Maybe they all do it and I just happened to view it. Maybe too because my sighting lasted over ten minutes, much longer than most. It had been eating the berries from a salmon berry patch along this trail.

The sighting was actually 14 miles up on the Smith River Road but Gardner is the nearest town. It was a female with breasts visible. Anyway she ran on her legs for some time then went down on her hands and feet still running. The only sound I heard was a loud sharp whistle right before she stood up in the berry patch and glared at me.

She was very light in color almost light tan looking except for a patch running down her back that was a darker brown. The sun was on her so that may have made her look lighter. I have never smelt anything so offensive as she was. The smell was a thick pungent smell with an off smell like rotten eggs. I worked out in the woods for International Paper at the time and reported the sighting to my boss with no problems. Fact is he had seen one in 1948 up near Florence. I think that probably helped that he had seen one too.

Saturday, February 13, 2016



From Our Archive Section

Number 118
Submitted to Ballyhoo
Jan 2016
This comment is in regards to Person who lost  an arm to Bigfoot. I think they usually do not want to be around humans however there is a curiosity measure, when it comes to them and theirs. That having been said, I am sure if they are plenty hungry and they cannot readily find food as they usually do then they may turn to other kinds of food sources, Humans to be included.

They are, after all a lot bigger than us humans so they might impose themselves. One can never know about their approach. I saw one once that came from around a tree. I didn't hear it or pick up any smells preceding it. I think it came out of curiosity because I had been playing a harmonica in the woods while I was walking with my little dog. I was frightened by its appearance and could not move a muscle. I was frozen in place. Finally it left me.

I walked backwards out of the woods and got to my car in a hurry, got in Quickly, and then made my escape before it decided to come back. That's my experience. I can't get it out of my mind. It happened 4 years ago.

Friday, February 12, 2016

From Our Archive Section

Number 117
Dec. 20, 2015

 I work for a county road department in Douglas County Oregon. I was sent out to look for downed trees and slides on the Coos Bay Wagon Road on Wednesday morning after days of heavy rain. Just above Iverson Park around a mile up something ran across the road in front of me. All I can say is it was no normal animal. It looked like and was shaped like a human only covered with wet black matted hair and about double the size of a large person. I didn't see its face but it ran on two legs like a man would. I would guess it was somewhere around 7 to 8 feet tall with a very husky build and long arms. I didn't call it in.

Two years ago a grader operator was plowing snow in that same area when he saw one of these things walk across the road in front of him. He was laughed at for months. I have never believed the stories of Bigfoot but I must say I don't know what else it could have been. It sure looked like what people are reporting seeing on this site. I have to say it really shook me up at the size and speed it crossed the road. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bigfooting by AIR


From Our Archive Section

Number 116
Jim, I do believe that a couple of years ago before all the logging in the Ash Valley section where you go across the bridge on the left, Weyerhauser land, that this area was home to a clan of bigfoot. I was mushroom picking and kept seeing something the color of a bear, standing behind a tree on two legs, swaying back and forth, just watching me.

My partner who was down the road from me came running up to me in a near panic saying he had seen a huge gorilla man type beast walking up a hillside on two legs and was scared to death. He wanted to leave then and there, and just wanted to sit in the van with the doors locked until I was ready to go.

I just kept picking all along for about another 30 minutes, watching this juvenile creature. It was tall but not muscular and huge, go to tree to tree, watching every move I made. I was scared not knowing what it was going to do, but was so mesmerized by just seeing this with my own eyes, just wanted to know how long it would watch.

I had my radio playing and I think that and the way I acted like nothing was there, had its curiosity peaking. I got done, put the mushrooms in the van, and called my partner out to help. When he came out, I told him right where to look and when he saw it, back into the van he leaped and demanded we leave now!

When I got into the van, something let out a scream that to this day I have never heard again in the woods where my buddy was picking, and was answered by the one that was watching me, with a dog monkey bird call that I know that I have heard many times without a thought.

I felt something was telling me to leave, which I did and looked to see if the one watching me was there. He was gone and I dropped some candy bars on the road with intentions to sit and watch, but my buddy wanted to go right now.

I haven't been back since, but will get there this year to see all the logging someone says has happened, probably putting them on the run. My buddy has never been in the woods since that day. I know they exist there! Thanks for commenting, and please keep it up!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

From Our Archive Section

Number 115


This is a true account of a terrifying encounter with Bigfoot. My name is Gloria and have lived in Medford Oregon all my life. I'm now 75 and have retired from teaching for 28 years. When this happened I was 40.

My husband, and three family friends went camping over in Coos County near a place that had the name "Elliott Forest." It was our third night there when things began to happen, loud screams and the sounds of large branches being whipped against something. I was assured by the group it was a cougar off in the distance. 

Something didn't feel right to me. A constant feeling of being watched kept me in high alert mode all day and night. Late this night I was awakened by the loud sound of some gibberish I couldn't understand and the loud sound of footsteps. It was about this time I saw something walk in front of my tent and bend over to look inside. I was beyond terrified at the figure of this massive apelike creature looking at me. I tried to scream but was frozen with fear. It reached inside the tent and grabbed my sleeping bag and started to pull me out of the tent.

My husband woke up and saw the figure outside. He said later it was the horrific smell that woke him up. He yelled "What do you want?" It let go of my bag and turned and walked off while letting out a loud whistling sound. Everyone was now awake and outside looking out into the forest. We could hear this creature breaking branches and raising all hell off in the forest.

It was decided we would all stay close together and keep the fire blazing till dawn. When it was light enough to see we broke camp and left this area. We went to the nearest town called Lakeside. The police didn't  take me or any of the camp party serious even though one was a active policeman. They claimed it had to been a dream. I have never been able to get over this incident. Little doubt in my mind about what this creature was after, Me!

Monday, February 8, 2016

So you will know...

Hi All,
The below photos are of the character Joey Bigfoot. He graced the pages of this site for a couple of years for the children.  I made him from a wad of charcoal eraser.
He is now only an eraser.  But you can use the search tool or scroll a long way back to read and see his story. I'm just reviewing some things on this site. I believe it is one of the largest bigfoot sites on the Internet. ... The best, Linda Newton-Perry

Joey From the Past

Sunday, February 7, 2016

From Our Archive Section

Number 114 
Anon (Posted to BB Sept. 2015)

Linda, Ever since I was a small child and saw the Patterson film, every time I was in the woods camping, fishing or driving, I would say to who ever was with me that I wish I could see Bigfoot go across the road in front of me and give me a friendly wave and smile as he goes along his way. I was raised in a family of non-believers who were military lifers, and when our government said something didn't exist, it didn't, no matter how hard we wanted it to as children.

I came to Oregon about 12 years ago and was hiking out in the woods with my fiancee', something I have done all my life and have never had any reason to ever fear the woods. I felt like something was watching me and felt the hair on my neck raise and started looking for a mountain lion or bear. I didn't want to get my girlfriend all upset, but when I pulled my pistol out of my backpack and put it in my coat pocket, she started freaking out. I told her it was just a feeling I had and just relax, but keep your eyes and ears open. We hiked for about another 2 hours and could not get rid of this feeling something was stalking us and I will never forget how quiet the woods were that day

We were down by the river looking for rocks and for some reason I turned and looked back up the trail which we had come down and thought it was a bear coming down to the river. It stopped and stood up on two legs about 70 feet from us and my eyes locked on to its eyes, and could tell what this was the moment I saw it, and the fight or flight feeling came rushing through me.I kept my eyes on it and called to my girlfriend to slowly rise up from looking at rocks in the river and turn around and to be quiet no matter what she sees and to stay still, don't move.

My mind was telling me that this had to be a joke and that these things don't exist, but wouldn't let me relax one minute, while I was studying this huge creature, wondering what my next move was. I grabbed my girlfriend who was shaking violently from shock and fright and started walking down river to the main road where our truck was parked up road a ways. This isn't the friendly Harry and the Hendersen coming to lend me a hand, but a big 8 foot, muscular, wide shoulder beast with the darkest eyes that burned right through me, like I was somewhere he thought was his and for me to get out. We got to the road and could hear something in the woods where we had just come from, but sounded like it was going in the opposite direction. we practically ran to the truck and when we got there the cooler was knocked out the back of the truck and spilled all over the trail head parking place. I grabbed the empty cooler and threw it into the back of the truck , knowing how lucky we were just getting out of there, and neither said a word until we got home and sat in our chairs, still shaking and discussing if she had saw the exact same thing that I had saw.

We never told anyone for a few years and I started researching this beast and it has changed my whole life. I no longer fish, a lifetime love, camp in the woods, hunt, I had a gun, but I couldn't shoot it, and I don't know why.I avoid the woods at all cost and have shared my experience with others that have seen it, and will not be able to have a normal life again until the government tells us this exists and warns people with children out there camping.

There are a lot of people out there that have seen it and stay silent and we all are fans of your web site, so please ignore the media grubbers who must tell lies in order to get people to their sites, where you must pay to read something on the site.You do a great job Linda, and forever a fan of your honesty and artwork, and a admirer of the great web site you maintain.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kathy Bigfoot

Kathy Bigfoot at one time was the children's editor of this site. Scroll down and way back for fun stuff with and about Ms Kathy.



Friday, February 5, 2016

It Was a Beautiful Day

Header photo up close so you can see it better. What a great day in Oregon--a few years back. Linda Newton-Perry enjoys!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

From Our Archive Section

Number 113
Barb and Cherry  

Over the weekend my extended family all traveled over to Coos County to visit Dad. Dad lives out in a small community called Dora. He has lived there for 33 years. Early Sunday morning at 5am my sister-in-law and I decided to take the dogs on a early morning walk. The weather was clear and the sun was beginning to rise. We walked along the narrow 2 lane road towards Sitkum. This road follows the East fork of the Coquille River. After walking about 2 miles we noticed the dogs looking over across the river. As we looked over across we caught sight of a dark large manlike figure walking away from the river to behind a tree then up through a patch of ferns into the tree line. On that side of the river the tall tree line comes almost down to the rivers edge and the mountainside is very steep without any roads for access. 

Very quickly we noticed the figure was not human or a bear. It was very large compared to a normal human being and covered with dark black hair except for a thin spot on its right leg. As it walked up the steep mountain it reached out with it large arms grabbing limbs to help pull itself up the incline. We took note the figure had large hands not paws. About this time it let out a loud whistle sound. From somewhere above it began this sound like something beating rocks together. My sister -in-law wanted to run back down the road but I talked her into watching this thing for a while to see if it would turn to look at us.

It paid off. The creature walked some distance then turned to look back at us and the dogs barking. The face of this thing was somewhat human and animal mixed. The skin around its eyes and forehead was dark brown, its face covered with hair except around the eyes and mouth. It had a very large jaws and slightly sloped forehead like a gorilla would have. Right away we knew it had to be a Bigfoot. We noticed no smell but that might be because the breeze was blowing down the river and not at us. W decided we would not call the police and try to explain what we had seen. We did tell Dad and he said the area use to have a family of these animals living up in the forest but he had thought they were all gone by now. We know one is still there maybe more.

Chris Looking for Bigfoot Tracks, Oregon