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"For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills." Ps. 50:10 King James Bible

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

They think they smelled a bigfoot ...

Andy has left a new comment on your post "So, ...":

No we didn't see a bigfoot but think we smelled one, east of Coquille on Bear Claw Mountain near Coos Mountain.

Monday afternoon we were walking down this dirt logging road that has been closed to traffic for 20 years or better. We had walked about 3 miles into this ravine where we knew people never hunted. As we were coming back towards the truck we smelled a very pungent like smell coming from the wind in our faces. We did not smell it going in.

My brother noticed that sometime after we had walked through this one area a smaller alder tree was now across the road. As we approached the downed tree we could see where it had apparently been snapped off about 8 feet from the ground. As we walked further we saw several more trees that had been snapped and thrown onto the old road, all of them were broken off between 6 and 10 feet up.

Both of us felt something was nearby watching us. We didn't see any tracks because we were in a hurry to get out of this area and didn't bother to stop and look for any


Thank you for the experience. What a great name for a mountain, Bear Claw Mountain. 

So, ...

Now that it's deer hunting season,
did you get a glimpse of a bigfoot?

Tell us about it. You don't have
to use your name and no one will
track you down! So comment!

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on line below.

Monday, October 20, 2014

How to be a guest editor-blogger

Comment and if we like what you have to say
we will post it for all to read. Got something
interesting to say about bigfoot? Comment!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Click above link to take you to a Youtube video:
Bigfoot or Sasquatch is Acknowledged by US
Government with DNA Hair and Blood Samples

The video is 12:52 minutes long and by World of Mystery Planet


vIsiT oUR  aRChIvE  sECtIon

Over 100 Sightings to
Read About! Enjoy

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Many people know bigfoot exists!":

I think the government has enough proof that Bigfoot exists, with bodies recovered from
Mt. St. Helens, Columbus Day death, forest fires and sightings which number in the thousands. I would just love this government to say they are a real mammal and put laws out that would prevent the harassment and killing of this animal, and study it and find out many questions that exist about them.

Do they migrate? Do they want to communicate with us but are afraid of being killed or harassed by human beings? I have had three encounters and everyone I say something to about it thinks I’m a nutcase, but I know what I saw!

To stop logging and putting people out of work, simply is not a alternative as wood is one of those precious resources that we as humans simply must have to survive. We can pass laws giving them a buffer of some sort when they migrate, but study them first, before starting all the hysteria about closing the woods and thousands being put out of work.

Just please admit they exist is really all we want to hear the government say, protect them from people like Rick Dryer, who really needs protection from himself, and learn to live with the knowledge they can coexist with us peacefully.

Do they get diseases such as measles, flu, Ebola? (why not without immunizations that we require?). I think we could learn a lot about life from them.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Many people know bigfoot exists!

Now what to do? Should animals be considered more important than man? Should man's ability to use the forest to make a living be taken away because of an animal? What do you think?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger: Lyle

Lyle has left a new comment on your post "Can you Help? Know someone who can?":

Your old newspaper articles said it best: "Just a Matter of Time." There remains no doubt in my mind that over the next handful of years the government will shut down logging because of the endangered act.

Hell Linda, the (loggers) are the endangered species not the spotted owl or bigfoot. They're already movement on the way. The state forests  are closed to any kind of commercial harvest. All forest service land is too. BLM land is almost there. Only private land is being harvested now.

I work for RFP in Dillard and know we have only enough private land for another 5 years then it's all over. Yes, I saw a very large Bigfoot down near Old Tiller Road near some of our private land last year. And yes RFP knows there's an excellent chance that one or more could still be on or near company lands at any given time. 

Problem is they move from place to place so shutting land down doesn't make sense. I was told that someone found tracks of one in Northern California in the 60s or 70s and then 6 years later found the very same track in Washington State proving the Bigfoot had migrated that far north. 


Thank you for the comment. I didn't know about the five year projection. Best regards, LNP
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Can you Help? Know someone who can?":

The laws about new animal being discovered are very strict and have been withheld in the Supreme Court on the Endangered Species Act. #1 First the animal has to be counted by a Barristers Source Management Plan. This type of counting is how wildlife officials count deer and all other managed wildlife.#2. If the animal, mammal or primate show stress from loss of natural habitat the government must protect the remaining numbers to ensure the subject has enough natural habitat to survive and reproduce at no less than 4 percent a year. In the case of a new primate the latest numbers crunched has them (if real)at around no more than 1300 nation wide with the majority in the western regions. This figure is conservative and takes in credible accounts of eyewitnesses. The short math on 1300 remaining alive in 60 million acres would place Sasquatch under threat level 2 at near extinction. There is no other way to protect except closure of critical habitat. #3 Then we have a another critical problem. Like the grizzly bear and wolf, humans just don't mix well with the species. The endangered spices act is written to protect a species that likely without management to become extinct. The land would not be shut to human foot travel, just motorized activities and permanent human habitation (house building) and timber related industry. My group like many others do not want to see another animal become extinct because of greed from timber and lumber producers. If and when Sasquatch is discovered by science we will ask for quick action through the courts to insure their well being. VB member of Oregon Natural Resources Council

Can you Help? Know someone who can?

The government claims it
will close down the forests
if this animal is proclaimed

These animals have taken
care of themselves for 
who knows how long. Do
they really need lands set
aside for them? 

What if they reproduce like
crazy on their set-aside lands?
What if farmers and ranchers have
to start killing them as ranchers
now kill the wolf? 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I read...

Bud, I've made a Youtube video of your sighting and experience. I'm reading it. The name of the video is Bigfoot Encounter from the Past in Oregon. Enjoy.
Click link to go ...
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":
(Regarding Bud's Experience Below)

A Thank you and a Question

 Thank you Bud, for the bigfoot experience. I would like
to know if anyone knows of a celebrity or well-known
person that would like to take up the cause of not 
shutting down the forest when bigfoot is stamped real
by science.   

Do you know anyone?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Bud
#107 in Archive Section
Some times it’s harder to tell of a past experience if you have never got over it. That's my case because I've never forgotten or really been able to talk or tell people about my encounter with what had to be an adult Sasquatch.

Though it’s been 12 years since the day I had the encounter, it’s still hard to talk about. I guess I need to start at the very beginning of the day. I was camped out in the high mountains north of Brookings Oregon. It was my practice to take a week off in OCT to camp and do some fly fishing and hunting. I had been going into this area since 1974. This time I had planned to fly fish in a stream that I've been to over thirty times since I was a youngster. It was always a good fishing stream and the wildlife was always abundant. The stream feeds into Pistol River some 25 miles downstream.

This trip was like all the others till I started getting the sensation that someone was watching me at the camp and also near the stream. The feeling got stronger by the fourth day and I had also began to hear some strange snapping sounds of somebody walking around my camp but never coming close enough for me to see them. I knew it wasn't regular wildlife because you could hear the distinct sound of a two-legged person walking and snapping the underbrush.

I had called out several times for whoever it was to "come on in and have some coffee with me." It was really getting on my nerves after 2 days of the sounds, usually after midnight.

This night I decided to leave the Coleman lantern burning so I placed it on the top of my makeshift table made from some tree branches. I went to bed and around 10pm the sounds began to get louder. I was very still and after maybe an hour it came walking very slowly into the camp.

When I first saw what it looked like I quietly grabbed my rifle next to me in case it came at me. It was something like a big wildman but not really human. It looked over my camp very good and seemed to be after food. It licked a skillet I had left on the table with bacon grease covered with foil. It seemed to be fascinated with the foil because it held it up several times looking at the light from the lantern shine on it. The creature was covered in black hair or fur except around its eyes and inside of its hands. It walked erect like a human only with long and glide like steps. Before it left the camp it looked through my can goods but never took any. I was sure if I would have fired at it I could have killed it but something inside me said no because it’s not after me. It seemed to act like it was part ape or primitive human. I don't think I could ever have lived with myself if I had killed or injured it.

Youtube Video

Youtube video: Dr. Meldrum Talks About Bigfoot Characteristics
9:14 minutes long and by The Bigfoot Project  
Click link to go. Enjoy

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Youtube Video

M.K. Davis discusses the Siberian Bigfoot Photos
Part 2 ... The beard photo
10:24 minutes long

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Right Side Column

Go to right column down
to photo of children playing
for several children's bigfoot
stories to read to your children.
It's okay to make  copies. Enjoy.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Dr. Kurt

Sure there is an excellent answer: Most of us already know the bigfoot is real and has been in our region for hundreds of years. They seem to survive without human intervention so let’s keep it this way.

Yes by all means tell the public about the bigfoot and warn the public not to do anything stupid if by chance they see one which probably is very rare. Over the last 20 years timber owners have changed the way they harvest timber. No more [do they] clear cut for 50 miles in every direction. Actually it was the very large timber barons that did that anyway, not the small timber owner.

Make it a crime to shoot or harass bigfoot without very good cause (in rare case of attack). Make sure the penalty is strong and harsh for the unjustified killing of bigfoot. Do not give bigfoot special protection because they don't need it. Educate the public on bigfoot by giving out brochures on what people should do in case they see one. We can live side by side with bigfoot the same way we live with all the GOD's animals.

In almost every case over reaction to the announcement of anything brings unjustified anxiety to people because they don't have a clue what's what as far as the unknown.


Thank you for the thoughtful comment.  However, I’ve been told that the Endangered Species Act has different ideas how to protect this animal. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Comment Please

What are we going to do about bigfoot?

Don't you want to know if there is one
of these animals in your area of the woods?

And if you believe as we do here at
Bigfoot Ballyhoo, you don't wish for
anyone to lose a job just because the
animal is "discovered."

Is there an answer? Is there a good solution?

This Site Open For "Talking Bigfoot"

So, Comment Please!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Bigfoot Trap!

Click Link below to take you to the video: The Only Known Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Trap in the World.
The video is by Dan Jarrett and is 7:07 minutes long. 

A question to ponder!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger": Just Below

This is the link to EDA. Every last word Lori said is true.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Lori

Regarding  post " My Opinion My husband, Christopher Perry, and I ...":

[Is this the} latest push for bigfoot protection? Maybe. Todd Neiss of says in a video interview on Youtube that bigfoot would need 60 square miles per creature to not become extinct. This kind of thinking scares the hell out of loggers and mill owners and employees.

He based his hope for protection on just 1,000 bigfoot being alive from Cal to BC. Too many people are thinking that giving bigfoot protection only means NO SHOOTING THEM. No that’s not true. Under the 1972 endangered species act any one animal, bird, squirrel, mud puddle shrimp/frog or anything else REQUIRES land protection.

If you read the ESA you will see that all animals designated under the act will have 200% of their optional habitat preserved. Under the current EDA finding just one 3 family pod of Sasquatch will require 20,000 acres per family to be locked up to the public. It is thought that bigfoot migrate from BC to Cal during the winter months. This in turn would shut down the entire Pacific Northwest to logging and even tree thinning

If you want to turn the Pacific Northwest into a zoo for bigfoot then let science proclaim the animal real. No it doesn't just apply to USFS or BLM, it's all private land owners too. The ESA does not take into account economic factors like forest jobs. Its one concern is protecting a species from extinction. Being bigfoot is most likely a primate then even more stringent rules would apply.


Well, Lori, I guess if this is all true, there is much to worry about if Bigfoot is ‘discovered.’ Thank you for the time you took to write this thoughtful comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry