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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Comment

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger: Guy S":
Let me spark further discussion. I agree that discovering Bigfoot in Oregon would spark a firestorm with logging and am sensitive to that. I agree that it would start an endangered species effort that would be a real mess. So, stirring the pot here, what if Bigfoot was discovered in West Virginia, Kentucky or Ohio and not near the logging areas? My take would be that the Feds Conservationist would still go after a logging ban. But....maybe that would be the cue for logging to plat the "Well it doesn't exist here" card and move on with operations.


Thank you for the comment, Anonymous.

Archive Section

#11 From Our Archive Section
Brummett, Carl’s Creek, Oregon sightings
(BLM Field)
(January 12, 2010)

We have had a number of reports of bigfoot in the area surrounding Brummett, Carl’s Creek. These sightings have been in a ten mile radius at different times. One party reported two large bigfoots near a campground on Brummett. Another elderly couple reported a very tall wild man on Carl’s Creek. A  BLM employee spotted what looked to be a Sasquatch near a helicopter pond on Brewster Rock Rd off Brummett Creek. An off duty UPS employee had a sighting while hunting deer on Deadhorse (just a valley away).

Unofficially BLM is concerned the sightings are more frequent and may represent one or more families of these creatures. I can not give out anymore information on these.


Guest Editor-Blogger: Guy S

Guy S has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger":

I think this action is to stop any Patterson like films or photos from becoming public. Linda, the American people have lost a lot of rights over the last 15 years. We hear many stories of government overreach nowadays. Coming forward with evidence of a unknown primate would certainly set off a firestorm in the lumber producing companies bottom line.

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A THREAT":

Photos were NEVER released. USFS intended to block Emery from release by means of tort action. Not because the pictures depicted some strange creature because they could not prove a claim that these pics came from unit 34 Illihee quadrant.

Also a "little bird" told me they had planned to exclude his contract Co from any further thinning contracts inside the Siskiyou/Rogue District. As for the rest of the full story I will not comment. USFS is a division of the DOA meaning federal. Whistle-blowers are not popular to upper management.


Thank you for the interesting comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I understood that Emery could not release to the public the other three photos of Big Clyde because of a lawsuit threat. I believe this information came from a relative. Anyone know more?
... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Statement": 
Emery's pics ran into trouble because he could not identify the exact species of animal in the photos as being a documented subject. USFS said they had no samples to match any known animal with cameras 3,7 shots. They did confirm that the pics were genuine and not tampered with. The simply couldn't say it a Sasquatch without physical evidence to go with them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Statement


Monday, March 2, 2015

From Many Reports Bigfoot is Not Always Meek and Mild!


Sunday, March 1, 2015

From Our Archive Section

  #10 Rafting on Rogue River sighting
(January 12, 2010)
On a rafting trip on the Rogue River from Galice, Oregon to Agness, Oregon in July 2008, we stopped at a camp 1 the first night. Next morning we left and decided to go on past camp 2 and raft till dark. After finding a very nice place to go ashore we stopped at this river bar with an old abandoned cabin back some 75 feet. This place was called Misty Falls. After dark we were sitting around the old fireplace talking about the next day. My close friend needed to go visit nature so I went outside with her.
It was then we heard from a distance a sound of rocks clanging together. We didn’t think it was anything so we returned to the cabin to hit our sleeping bags for the night. It must have been around one hour later that the sound of somebody walking around the cabin woke my friend up.
She shook me because all of us were in the cabin.  We listened to a sound of something outside messing around with the backpacks as you could hear cans falling on the ground, then some kind of very low shatter. Then this growl rang out from right beside the door.
Everybody was awakened by it. One of the guys jumped up and swung the door open to find a giant hair-covered manlike thing throw a pack at him. He yelled out “Hey what the ...!” When he did, this thing took off through the woods. We could hear the sound of it walking on the floor of the forest as it left. It came back two more times during the night and made horrible screams like we’ve never heard before or since. Then a return scream from something far off...
When daylight came we grabbed the packs which were emptied all over the ground and got out of there.
This thing left behind tracks like is on your website: large bare feet. We reported this to the Rogue River Ranger Station, and never heard anymore about it.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lake Now Named Sru Lake

Buck Hamilton Speaks Out on His Sighting at, now, Sru Lake

Guest Editor-Blogger: Buck Hamilton

Regarding: comment below
I am very sadden by the comment left on this blog by a FS employee that my wife reported a pervert at Squaw Lake in 2008. Nothing could be further from the truth. As I wrote out in my report the FS man Scott, never said anything about a pervert. He did say that they had had other reports from the area of strange sighting of something they didn't understand.

 He was the one that asked my wife if the creature was standing on two legs. He was the one to say the creature was a Bigfoot type thing not her. Since then we have stayed clear of there.We know it was a very large manlike animal that stared at my daughter and wife.

 There was nobody other than us at the campground, nobody; and Im very angry that they would say otherwise.

 Buck Hamilton's young daughter required a doctor's care for long months after a bigfoot scared her at Squaw Lake, Oregon. Use the search tool to read more about this sighting, the words Buck Hamilton, Squaw Lake, Sru Lake, (renamed this after the Hamilton sighting) will be helpful to find more on this sighting.

Best regards, Linda Newton-Perry

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I, Linda Newton-Perry, Believe These Are Real Bigfoots

Paul Freeman's Video
Click link below to go to Youtube video.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From Our Archive Section

#9. Wolf Creek, Oregon Sighting
(Clifford Milton)
(January 11, 2010)
My sighting took place on 3-12-08 out of Wolf Creek, Oregon. I was working for Union Pacific on the rail line near Turner Creek Bridge. It was in the early morning hours when I was in a crew of four and was relining rails when the foreman told me to take the motorized cart and go about 3 miles down the track to the stockpile of rails we had put there.
When I came around the bend of Turner Creek, I noticed something ahead on the right side of the track. As it was a very isolated part of the line with no roads in I knew it couldn’t be a person walking. As I got closer to it, I noticed it was covered in light black hair, big and walking on two legs.
I stopped the motor cart to watch it. It walked on the track about 25 feet then turned around and came back towards me, looking down towards the river (Cow Creek). Not noticing me it crouched down and picked up what looked to be a fish. As it stood back up it saw me and let out a howl that you could hear over the countryside. Then it very quickly walked up a near vertical bank that no man could ever get up.
Out of seemingly nowhere steps this smaller one about half the size of the full grown one. It was light brown and only about 5 feet tall compared to the other one which was at least seven feet or taller. It went up the same steep bank into the woods.
I cell phoned the other guys to come down with the rail pickup. When they arrived I told them what happened. We looked at the five toed barefoot prints on the bank.  The smaller one was 10 inches, the big one 19 inches. These things were not human or monkey. They were something in between a human and a gorilla, and wild as hell.

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ruston Simmons

There is absolutely nothing between Grayback and Big Windy Creek except virgin wilderness. We camp up on the Illinois River last year and found footprints in the soft earth between 18'' and 16". Two different prints for sure as one print had the little toe missing on the right foot. We found trees twisted up all over that country. We actually camped 3 nights in the Craggies and heard nerve shattering screams in the night. A ranger working for the forest service actually told us to watch out for strange sounds and smells. He was a good ranger not by the book. He said he believes there are several families  of Sasquatches living in that area.


Thank you Ruston... LNP

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Near Columbus Day Animal Found, Big Windy Creek

The area below is near where the 1962 Columbus Day Storm animal was found under the fallen tree.  Use search tool to find this information. Type in Columbus Day Storm animal, etc.

Big Windy Creek

From Our Archive Section

#8 Windy Creek sighting by airplane
(Karen Walsh)
(January 9, 2010)
While flying a small plane in the Rogue River Wilderness last week three of us saw a large brown creature crossing Big Windy Creek by air. It walked upright and was covered with short scruffy hair on body and very tall looking.
We are doing a documentary on the Kim Family tragedy. We watched it through binoculars as it crossed the creek and walked down the south side of the stream until it went into the tree line. As we live in Chicago we had never seen such a thing like that.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Have you seen a bigfoot?

Email us a drawing of the bigfoot you observed and we will post it on this site. Email above below header.

Comment on Sighting Below

This kind of behavior from top officials is ongoing. They don't want anything bigfoot mentioned because the gov does not classify it as real. The Curry Coastal Pilot in Brookings interviewed all the men in crew work truck that reported it and the sighting and  all told the same story.


Thank you Anon. ... LNP

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thank you Tray

Ms Perry. Ive recently left the Curry County Sheriffs Department and can tell you that this sighting was covered up by former sheriff John Bishop. Bishop made it so tough on Cory that he resigned later after the sighting was reported. After Bishop quit the department the entire file came up missing. The only mistake in this sighting wording is the name of the area. It is Carpenterville not Carpenderville.

Sighting Area

Area where the bigfoot was seen, sighting below.

From Our Archive Section

#7 Archive Section
 Pairsoll Peak sighting
(Curry County, Oregon deputy)
(January 6, 2010)
Thanks for the chance to tell my story to someone. On December 14, 2009, while on patrol near Carpenterville in Curry County, I received a call to proceed to mile post twenty four on the Forest Service Road, Pairsoll Peak near the south fork of the Chetco River. At 1422 hrs I arrived at the south fork bridge. There I was to investigate a report by cell phone that six loggers in a crew wagon had seen a big animal of unknown species on the bridge looking over the side.
After taking their reports, I told them they could go on home. I walked across the bridge on foot and walked along the road looking for any signs. There it was, a blackish hairy animal of immense size standing upright looking straight at me from the river bank.
I drew my weapon and shot once in the air to stop its forward movement towards me. The eight to ten foot apelike thing whirled around and walked off into the tree line near the water.
Stunned, I returned to my pickup. I called it in and was told to return to the Gold Beach Station. I had no choice but to report seeing a Sasquatch-Bigfoot type animal. I had to see a goof-ball shrink before going back to work.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Read our Archive Section

A Couple of Questions from a Reader

Above is a photo of a REAL BIGFOOT

I have two questions Linda for all the people who frequent your website. One which is, we know that one time or another "every" type of animal has been unfortunately struck by a vehicle and has died,why no Bigfoot? Second,"every" type of animal has been photographed/video one time or another,why no Bigfoot? Those two questions have always left/leave me skeptic about the existence of this species............


There have been several accounts of bigfoot being hit by a car. I believe the Patterson film is real and the Freeman film is real, also the shadowy photo, above,  of the animal on this site. Thank you for the questions. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, February 15, 2015