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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bigfoot Print

I found this print at Loon Lake turnoff on hwy 38. Use search tool to find out more about sightings at this location. Yes, there have been several. I found this print just a few days after this site got word of a sighting. (This happened a couple of years ago.)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Youtube Video

Name: Bigfoot Burned. It Survived 
3:15 minutes long by Bill Parker
Click link below to go ...

An Opinion:

I don't like being serious all the time. I do, however, seriously believe that these ANIMALS exist!... Linda Newton-Perry

Been told ...

bigfoot loves peanut butter!

Cookie Recipe

Easy to remember cookie recipe, just three main ingredients: one egg, one cup sugar and one cup of fat.
Never again will you have to haul out the Cook Book when it is cookie making time!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Watch for Simple Cookie Recipe

I've shared this recipe before but I'll put it on again soon. It is so easy you can help your children make these cookies in  no time flat, and that's about how long they will last --NO TIME!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Share a Recipe

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

tAlk BIgfOOt

Please comment. Tell us what new information you know about bigfoot/sasquatch. Use comment tool below. It reads No Comments. Click and comment and then it will start counting. Thanks for coming to Bigfoot Ballyhoo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bigfoot Lives Big!

 Click link to take you to our outing video of yesterday.
It is very short but decided to share it anyway.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mitchell Waite Dies at 64

We will miss him. He called himself the Mogollon Monster Hunter. Click link to take you to more information

From Time to Time we go Searching for Bigfoot...


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sighting from Arkansas 1972

October 1972, Beaver Lake near Rogers AR 
by Pam
 "But it was the fierceness that got all of us...we just knew we were on the menu if it could get to us."
I was 18, my husband at the time was 20 and my brother was 16; my 2 children were 14 mos. and 2 mos. old.

The park had only opened to camping that very day! Brand new Army Corps project.
Camping with 2 infants was not unusual for me- my brother sleeping on the ground was the norm; traveling was our pastime so going to AR was an adventure. 

Arriving at the new campground areas we found a secluded spot so the children waking in the night wouldn't bother anyone else. It was a cul de sac  site with only  a few sites,  had just a fire ring and a picnic table.
It was in a forested area with a tall rock ridge in a horseshoe shape around it and at the top it was wooded  and along the sides it stepped down in terrace like sandstone formations with dots of brush and small trees on them. As you came down the road to the sites the ridge ran along the left side and ranged from 50' high to 10 -20' high as you went right.

At our site, It was around 50' tall at far left of horseshoe and going up to 125' tall or so, at apex of horseshoe, then center rt. side of horseshoe ridge was around 75' then to ground off in the forest. There was  a site downhill from us. We pulled in face forward and had the back of the van toward the center of the rock wall.  The site next to us was  about 30-40' away and 10' down from our upper terrace site and they were basically on the road. There was some short brush and wispy trees between sites.  The fire ring and table at our site was about 15' from the rock wall and the van was about  about 15-18' away from the wall.
We chose the upper site due to incoming storms and wanted drainage away from our site. Though forested, we had a wide open sky above us, due to the layout of the rock ledge and the road in, that formed a bowl like area.

 It was full on darkness when a pickup w/a popup tent camper pulled into the lower road side spot next to us. A man, woman and maybe 2 kids opened up the camper and went to bed- no fire or etc. I had no problem staying awake as tensions were high- I just knew he was going to die in the night (husband had almost drowned while swimming). I heard small animals outside and some usual noises from the almost gone fire- when a weird gruff or HUFF sound was heard ; and immediately after a long LOUD howling WOOooot! Almost a whistling sound, far back atop the rt. side ridge next to us!! Started like a hound dog howl 'wooooo' and went up in tenor to a whistle like ' ooooot!' It was as loud as if a really BIG hound had howled from 30-40' maybe!

My brother bugged out of his tent and got in the van...he was weirded out by the howl too. We sat in silence hoping the babes would not wake...there was a clear sky and stars out and the fire pit cast a glow 10' around it still, once in awhile it's flare up and cast more light on the rock ledge.  My husband was awakened by the sound too but was too ill to move - he asked what it was...if we saw anything outside . Barely finishing his question, there was SUDDENLY, a HUGE BANG that hit the side of the van where my head was on the ridge side (pup tent, fire ring side)... like King Kong hurled a softball at the van!  We 3 yelped and ducked down instinctively, a few seconds later my brother peeked up and out the rear view mirror of the van at seeing movement out the rear window. A large, shadowy figure passed behind the van 15'-20' away headed down the hill to the road and other campers! The babies stirred but slept on!!!

My husband was up and getting out of the sleeping bags and after about 10 minutes he and my brother got out and checked the side of the van for a dent. NONE! The 2 guys were moving to get into the front seats of the van after standing outside trying to see something for 5 or so minutes when they both swung their heads toward the campsite below us. I looked too and the folks were awake - up and talking loudly in the tent camper,  then hustled themselves into their pickup truck- we saw the dome light go on, and the tent camper close somewhat down by flashlight, not packed or totally closed down; and they left it and drove off pretty swiftly.

My husband said let's go too, that we could come back next am for the tent & amp; stuff. They got into the van and then another ' WOOoot' came from the back of the van (rock wall area) and also crackly, brush crunching sounds. We sat moved from the fire pit side of van around the ridge wall , heading in a direction toward the popup tent campsite and the road.  A moment passed and out of the blue,  my husband hit the van headlights!  

The scuffling sounds turned to loud , breaking brush and rocks falling, as it moved faster and more  roughly now, on the passenger  side of the van (we pulled in face front and rear of van toward the center back wall) where the ridge was close by the fire ring- and in the headlight glow we saw something 1/2 way up the ridge coming down the terraced sides and moving toward the apex or center of the horseshoe ridge behind us, toward where the first sounds had also been heading!

It was hairy, with glisteny silver tipped hair, grey silver strip on its back and shoulders, standing upright and manlike but as it stepped down the ridge rocks,  it bent down and stood and walked a bit and then bent over forward etc very quickly, until it was behind us in the darker area. It moved twitchily...up down- look around repeat.

Its fur looked like German Shepherd fur, it stuck out from the body a bit and then  laid down and had the light color tips to it that shined glisteny in the light. It seemed like 2" or so long and 4" at the head area- it had no noticeable neck , long arms that it used to grab brush and support itself on the way down the ridge, arm hair was real short it seemed, not flowing etc., and I got only quick glimpses of the face out the back window of the van. The guys saw it more clearly. I did see the head shape as rounded but went to a slight point at the crown or the hair did, and a bald face...flatter blunt nose than a humans and snout like, but not stuck out from the face as much as a dog's. The hair at the body was darker it seemed and as it went out from the body it became silver tipped. A silvery streak at the shoulders and a bit down the spine- turning to a dkr. grey tipped area down the back. Was like a tall man 6' or more, with a large defined barrel chest. I saw enough face glimpses to say it was not ape or monkey like really. It had small ears on the side of the head where a mans are, that had tufts of silver tipped hair- kind of lynx like. His eyes had a red glow and were evil looking due to that color!  It used hands- not paws to pull brush away from it's path. I never saw it from the knees down as it was in brush. Again , it looked up, down then glance our way constantly and very nervously- twitchy is best word for it. As it glanced at us its eyes would flash in the light from fire pit and van headlights, even though the headlights faced the opposite direction, enough light hit the creature to get a view of shape and size and features. It had the cruelest, most vicious look to it. It continued to very quickly move down and to the right towards the road and other campsites.

The guys then- crazily- jumped out of the van! They cowered down by the front of the van on the door side of the drivers side headlight, and as it went down on the ridge they kept low and slowly inched down the drivers  side of the van, (toward the back) and got by the driver's door handle, when we all lost sight of the thing in the dark and brush.  All of a sudden a rock shower!  A rain of gravel hit  the van and the 2 guys; like a bucket full of gravel thrown laterally,  at a high rate of speed; came down the side of the van and at their heads!!  They bolted into the van and we left as fast as possible!

 We are all 3 watching the windows as we backed out of the site;   trying to figure out what we'd just seen. Scared out of our wits, shaking and nerved up, we all thought we were going to get caught by it and eaten or torn apart. I yelled  they guys asking what they were thinking when they got out of the van- they both said they saw it at one turn and thought it was a guy... so they  were going to harass him for scaring us! 
My husband was so ill and shaking so badly as we drove away we found the first lighted spot on the road we could- about 10 miles maybe, at a country store with a small street light. The entire drive and 1/2 the night we asked what ea. other saw, heard, thought it was and the longer we talked the more the guys said it was a deformed animal, a bear with deformities and my brother kept telling himself and us that  it was a very Lg. German Shepard with severe deformities...while I kept saying 'they don't walk like a man- did you see it's eyes?'...and asking more details of the face since they had seen it while outside and my view of the face was so brief...I was dealing with the 2 babies and listening to the guys go back and forth and freaking out. It had to be well after midnight when we parked and the guys eventually fell asleep and I dozed, checking my husband as he coughed and sweat as he slept. 

When 2 people came and opened the store, I went in to use the bathroom and get some baby food jars and cough syrup and I got up the nerve to ask the man at register questions, as the woman dusted shelves near me. I asked about the BIG creatures they have in the woods here- got dead stares- probably thought I was a druggie- so I told him where we were from- that we were camping with 2 kids etc. ; how we got spooked out of our campsite by this big animal etc.  Asked if they had a bear here that walked upright a lot- whoooped, or had silvery hair characteristics....the woman did nothing but dust and work on cans on shelves and the man said he was sure the bears here were normal and did not walk upright.  He was as deadpan faced as could be.  He asked where we camped- and said it was all new so maybe displaced critters were the cause. He said previous campers and hunters did say they heard noises in area like hollering or screechy ape sounds. I said YES that was what we heard ( at least a woooot) and we and another camp family were chased out by a creature in the campground. He said  'tell the ranger I guess, they have reports in the paper on hollers I think...'
I got no more from him not  even eye contact. 

Went home- sharing driving- husband was ill, ate our camp foods and stopped for gas and potty breaks only. The guys said not to tell anyone- we'll be called crazy or my dad'd think we were druggies etc., said because of his drowning accident we came home early - after all they were surprised at our early arrival home.
I wanted to tell Dad at least but the guys made me swear not to-  my bro. risked not getting into a school he was trying to go to and my husband risked his well paying job and parents' disapproval too. I did not agree until I was convinced no one in their right mind would believe me anyway.

Later I saw the bigfoot sightings and books, I almost fainted....I began reading everything etc. , but after our encounter, not going out to find any!  Although I always knew my encounter wasn't the archtypical bigfoot I knew only that it had some attributes,  like the whoops, the hairiness, the head shape and size. But it was the fierceness that got all of us...we just knew we were on the menu if it could get to us.
On size, we came to think it would have to have been 7' or so; and it was built like a buff NBA player with a round barrel chest.  Today I have told my present husband, my best friend and my daughter- then I told Bigfoot hotspot radio listeners this yr. and Will Jevning brought to my attention that it was a dogman type of sasquatch animal- likely-  I had never even looked at dogman/werewolves before!  I think I'd heard about them but thought they were paranormal and not flesh and blood!  After listening to the guys on BF Hotspot radio and others, I knew it was one of these. It is the nose mainly- a rounder, longer snout that is akin to a baboon , sort of. The looks and meanness also  are characteristic.

  My drawing - nose just isn't right though

Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Information Please

I hope we can get more information on this incident (the bigfoot drowning below). ... Linda Newton-Perry

Guest Editor-Blogger: John

John has left a new comment on your post "Bigfoot Sighting and Drowning?":

If it's true, what a tragedy this is. We can pretty much think it was the old crippled Bigfoot can't we?

Here in Reedsport somebody should know something about a drowning. Around that time of last year a so-called homeless person drowned near the bridge at Scottsburg. So they said it was a homeless person. Now I wonder.

Bigfoot Sighting and Drowning?

Bottom photo, in the past a bigfoot was spotted here. This is the park in article below.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Comment Please":

Every once in a while people hear stories that seem so incredible they hesitate to repeat it. I talked with a person the other day and was told this strange tale. According to this person he was called out to Scottsburg Park on the night of May 19 2014 to investigate some reports of vandals overturning trash cans and other park equipment. As he tells the story he explained that he never believed in any such a animal like Bigfoot. As the story goes he arrived at the park at 11:45 or so and walked around the park looking for damage and vandals.

According to him down near the riverbank he shined his flashlight on a upright human/ape mix of animal. According to him the animal was gray in color and quickly tried to escape the light by going right into the river. He claims he watched the large beast as it went out into the river apparently trying to escape to the other side. His claim is the animal only made it about halfway to the middle and went under. It surfaced one time gasping for air and then disappeared under the water. He ran back to the vehicle and called the apparent drowning in to the dispatcher. Soon several more law enforcement people showed up

A boat was deployed and they recovered the body somewhere downstream near the elk reserve. That was his story. (I cannot find any account of a drowning on that date. I can find no account of any reports concerning the Scottsburg area for that date.) The thing is I know this man and have never known him to lie about something so important as a drowning. I can only conclude the records of this drowning were never filed or removed.


More information on this sighting would be appreciated.

Comment Please

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dogman and Bigfoot

Why are dogman and bigfoot apparently so different? Why do those in the ‘know’ believe that these animals are from the same Animal Kingdom (great apes).

Well, reasoning leads to the local gene pool. When animals breed with the same animals with similar traits, in time these traits will be predominate.

Evidently a bigfoot, fuzzy large great ape, at one time lived in these areas where dogman now lives. A mating took place with an animal with a slightly elongated nose/snout. Enough interbreeding with this family over centuries finally would naturally produce the dogman with a dog-like nose and the other differing traits.

For example: breed a large dog with a small dog, you get a medium size dog, and so on. 

Another thing, if dogman has a tail, it isn't a great ape. Great apes do not have tails. (That's all I know.)

Linda Newton-Perry

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Photo from PhotoXpress

Bigfoot Article by Linda Newton-Perry

Illustration by Linda Newton-Perry and dallied with by BeFunky

The first bigfoot sighting told to me was one that took place in Arkansas. (In case you’re wondering the dogman sighting, link below, took place in Arkansas.) One of the newspaper columnists at the paper where I worked told me about his sighting he’d had as a child.

He and his cousin, both young boys, somewhere around eight or nine in age, were playing in the woods. They walked up behind a bigfoot that was on his knees scooping water out of the creek. When it realized the boys were behind him, it stood up and turned to face them. They ran and didn’t look back.

What the columnist remembered most was the animal’s huge size and that its backside was crusted and matted with its waste. He did not mention that it looked like a dog of any kind. So, dogman and bigfoot both must live in Arkansas.

The boys, of course, told their story to relatives back at the farmhouse; and often they recited their story at family gatherings as they grew older. From that time on the cousins at birthdays and other gift-giving occasions received any and everything relating to bigfoot, fuzzy bigfoot shaped slippers etc.

And another thing, he would not let me use his real name when I wrote of his sighting in my bigfoot column. He just didn’t want to put up with the ribbing.

It will be good when the day comes that we can talk about seeing one of these animals and not worry about the unhappy fallout.

Dogman Encounter

 Click link to go to "Night of Terror at Beaver Lake
Scroll down to #4
 Click on the recorder/player.

Monday, April 13, 2015

An Opinion

Sorry Guys, you are not going to like this, but I'd like to see a couple of bigfoots in a zoo!

Link to Youtube Video

 An Encounter at the Oregon Caves.
Click link to go ...

Traveling to the Oregon Caves? You may want to know this ...

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous 

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. (AP) — As the tourist season approaches, the expanded Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve may not be all that accessible.

Legislation in December increased the size of the park in Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains almost tenfold, from 488 to 4,558 acres. But park officials say it didn't increase funding to pay for management of the new land.

Alpine lakes, mountaintop trails and a new campground are now part of the Oregon Caves park system.

The Statesman Journal reports ( the campground won't open until at least 2016 due to hazard trees affected by root rot.

And tourists may not be able to reach the Bigelow Lakes basin, below 6,281-foot Mount Elijah, because the road that provides the best access is so rough that it's not suitable for low-riding passenger cars. PS Bigfoot gets some protection

Youtube Video

 We enjoyed this video and think you will also.
Click link below to go to the video Mysterious Bigfoot Encounter of California by The Neck Beard
5:21 minutes long