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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Youtube Video Link

 What is Dr. Matthew Johnson up to these days? If you remember he spotted a bigfoot at the Oregon Caves in 2000. The name of the video is Dr Matthew A Johnson Talks About Bigfoot Habituation. It is 3:37 minutes long and by MyNorthwest. Enjoy!

P.S. My son and I hiked the same trail at the Oregon Caves that Dr. Matthew had his sighting. I believe I smelled the animal and heard the huffing noise it made. I'm glad I didn't see it. I'm sure it would have scared us to death!

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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Youtube Sightighting You May Enjoy

Click link below to go to a Youtube: David Holley's Spring 2000 Bigfoot Encounter by Courts Griner

Some Thoughts by Linda Newton-Perry


Monday, March 30, 2015

From Our Archive Section

  This Animal was Known as the Columbus Day Animal
#17 Griffy and Laird Crew Sighting 11/62
(Greg Brandy)
(January 22, 2010)

There was an unknown type of animal found by a Griffy and Laird Crew on 11/62 while removing wind blown trees from a Greyback spur road.If I remember right they shipped it off to the Department of Interior for autopsy. The animal was badly decomposed at the time. It was said it was much too big for a bear. Also the report stated that it had hands and feet resembling a human’s but of a larger size.
You could get this information under the freedom of information act. I do not have any photos of it anymore as they were sent with the report to DOI. As I remember the photos were not all that good. The animal had been dead for a month at the time of discovery.

Dear Readers,

Use our work anyway you wish. It would be good to be given a little credit.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Watch Ms Sparkles Read on Youtube the story below.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Fiction Bigfoot Story Slanted Toward Boys

Print Out Story and Read to Your Children ENJOY!

Under the Bush at the School Bus Stop
(Names not real)
 by Linda Newton-Perry
     “Give me that! Chris give it here!”  eleven-year-old Max Lee Brown yelled to his friend.

Chris Ray Smith, also eleven, made a disgusting face, while sprinting around Max. Chris had just snatched a half-eaten meat stick from Max’s hand. It was like this every morning at the bus stop. Most of the kids had fun playing around before the grind of school kept them slow-motion still for the largest part of the day.

After Chris returned the meat stick, Max held onto it as tight as he could. He knew more was coming.

     “Look!” Chris teased. When Max looked away to where Chris pointed, Chris successfully slapped the stick out of Max’s hand to the ground.

Amy Sue Black, ten, whirled around when she felt the meat stick brush the backpack on her back. “Really!” she sniffed. “You two are the limit!” She shrugged the bright pink pack off and checked for grease stains.

For just a second the boys thought of turning their full attention to Amy, which in the end they usually did each and every morning at the bus stop. They both liked the girl and enjoyed hearing her piercing scream when one of them would toss a piece of bark or leaf at her pretending it was a bug or worse!

A couple of kids yelled that the bus was coming, so Chris kicked the meat stick under a near bush and got in line, Amy in front of him, and Max behind him.  

Chris Smith plopped down near the window with Max next to him. Max was busy wiping his greasy hands on his jeans when Chris turned and said “Did you see that?”

     “What? See what?

     “Something is under that bush, back there at the bus stop.”

     “Something like what?”

     “I don’t know. I just saw the bottom of a big foot. No shoes. I mean it was r-e-a-l-l-y big.”

Max laughed, then lowered his voice and said seriously while still rubbing off the grease, “Are you telling me it was like a bigfoot... bigfoot like the animal?”

“Bud, I saw a b-i-g foot. That’s all I know. I don’t know what it was. Could have just been a big man, with no shoes.”

At the end of the day they looked around the bush.
Nothing was under it. The meat stick was gone.
It being gone was no surprise because forest animals and pets were always in the area.

Chris that evening found it hard to concentrate on his homework, so he phoned Max.  They decided to arrive early the next morning at the bus stop, hide and watch for whatever it was that was sheltering under the bush.

While still foggy and a little dark the next morning, the boys cautiously walked to the bus stop. “Are you chewing on that same meat?  It stinks!  We could get attacked, you know!” Chris said.

Max was wearing the same grease stained jeans he’d worn the day before. And yes he was enjoying one of the meat sticks.

Chris shook his head side to side and said, “I don’t know about this, we could be food for whatever is under that bush.”  They walked without speaking for a time then Chris said, “Can you tell which way the wind is blowing? We should hide down wind if you can.”

Max nodded and whispered for Chris to be quiet.  They were very near the bush. “Something’s moving. You see it. Shhh... ”

     “Where? I don’t see it,” Chris said with shaky voice.

     “Get on your belly. Don’t move. Look between the bush and fence.” Max pushed down on Chris’ shoulder driving his friend’s chin into the dirt.  Both boys were as close to the ground as they could get and were down wind of whatever they were watching move.

Something nudged Chris’ knee. Without thinking he pounded a fist  down in the middle of Max’s back. Both boys yelled while scrambling frantically to their feet.

     “What’s going on here?” Tim Miller aware he’d scared the boys laughed. He had to ask them a second time what they were up to because his laughter made his first try unclear. Tim Miller was out this early morning on his daily jog.  He jogged  in place so not to cool off.

     “You guys realize I almost ran over you?” Suddenly, Tim’s eyes narrowed. He growled out, “Back! Back! Get back behind the fence.”

     “What! What is it?” Both boys asked while backing toward the fence.

The dark, shadowy bush was growing larger near the fence. Without warning about a third of the bush came to life and was running away from the three. Pound! Pound! The ground shook.

     “It’s coming back! Get out of here! Run for home!” Tim Miller shouted as he turned to follow the boys.

Next thing he knew, he was flying and then skidding across the road. The ‘shadow’ had evidently hit him when it passed.  Just then as Tim tried to get to his feet a car’s lights swept the whole area. It screeched to a stop.

The door of the little grey car flew open and a young woman ran to Tim’s aid. When it seemed safe Max and Chris crossed the road and stood, hands in pockets, listening to the adults talk.

     “Listen here, did that thing hurt you?” the young woman asked.

Tim noticed the boys and told them to get on home.

     “Come on, I’ll get you to the hospital.”

Tim Miller was released in a few hours from the hospital, with nothing broken and only a few deep bruises and scrapes.

The jogger did report the incident to the police, only mentioning some large animal had knocked him across the road. Tim was positive what he saw was a bigfoot, but he knew it would only be trouble if he claimed he’d seen one. He didn’t need it!

Of course, all the school buzzed with the story that Max and Chris were telling. The boys used the word bigfoot in their revelation and couldn’t wait to get back to the bus stop and bush where the being had first been spotted by Chris.

It was a big disappointment for all of the kids that got off at Max and Chris’ stop; the bush was gone, cut down! Several kids stuck around searching the powdery dirt for bigfoot tracks. The area seemed to be swept clean.

To this day Max and Chris revel in the thought that they might have seen a real live bigfoot.  And Tim Miller knows he did!

                                     The End

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Friday, March 27, 2015

From Our Archive Section

#16. 1973 Windy Creek on Bear Camp Rd. Sighting
(January 21, 2010)
Those things were literally all over the mountains in the earlier years. A Howard Coomes log truck driver was staying at Windy Creek on Bear Camp Rd because it was closer to the job. His wife and son were scared to pieces one day in 1973. She was cooking on an open fire pit when this hairy thing like a giant ape came into camp and crabbed a slab of bacon from the table and took off.
It came back several times in the next few days and tore their camp apart looking for food. She told my wife that they all knew when it was coming by the howl and smell it made. After a week of that they moved to another more populated camp. She had told all the truckers up there that this thing was as big as three men put together.

New Fiction Story for Boys by Linda Newton-Perry

Under the Bush at the School Bus Stop

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Remember Ms Sparkles?

Click link below to hear her on Youtube read a children's bigfoot story, the one below.

Ms Sparkles reads a children's bigfoot story on Youtube

 Click link to take you to Youtube and watch Ms Sparkles read a children's fiction bigfoot story. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fiction Story for Children

Copy and Print the Story and Read to Your Young Child

New Bigfoot Fiction Children's Story by Linda Newton-Perry

Bigfoot and the
Pretty Dress
 (No real names in this work.)

Summer Lee Clark and Spice Martin, both eleven, were at this moment enjoying a sleepover. The two were best friends.

And they both L-O-V-E-D anything sparkly, anything with lots of ruffles  and just anything “girly” as Spice enjoyed saying.

Summer’s mother poked her head in the door and asked if everything was okay with the two since she hadn’t heard a laugh or giggle from the girls in some time.

     “Great here, Mom,” Summer Lee laughed while she shook her drying, sparkly pink fingernails.

     “Same for me, Mrs. Martin,” Spice said as a big yawn stretched her pretty face all out of shape.

Summer squeaked out an unladylike sound at the funny face her friend had flashed just briefly. Both girls agreed that even a big smile was bad because it could lead to deep wrinkles. The two went so far as to not purse their lips at all while sipping hot tea and they absolutely did not blow their tea to cool it. 

Summer and Spice, mind you, have known each other for years. They each keep a journal of what to do and what not to do in the varied practices of “girl-ness.” These journals were thick, and stuffed with girl-wise rules.

Oh, to be sure, they had differences in their ideals, their rules for a well-groomed and well-dressed modern girl. They even had rules on how to disagree, agreeably.

At this moment Spice had hanging on the clothesline a very dark green party dress. The hot sun and a brisk wind flapped and snapped the delicate ‘gown.’  It gave the girls much pleasure to call their horde of pretty dresses, gowns.

Why was the pretty dress on the clothesline?

Both girls decided that the color was a bit off, a bit too dark. They believed some time in the sun would fade it. Once sun-bleached they hoped it would be just perfect and to their liking.

     “Summer, should we turn the dress? We want it to fade evenly.”

     “Good idea. Let’s go.”

A few minutes later the girls rounded the corner of the country home. A tiny humming bird shot by on its way to the red feeding station. They paused and watched the birds for a time.

At the rose arbor, Summer threw out an arm, blocking Spice.
“Down, get down!”

     “What’s going on?”

     “Quiet! Look!” Summer pointed to the clothesline.

Two bears, one small, one large, batted and pulled at Spice’s pretty dress.

The girls ran lickety-split back inside the house, yelling for Summer’s mother. The three then watched from Summer’s bedroom window.

     “Those are not bears!” Mrs. Martin breathed out in ragged voice.

     “Bigfoot! I think they’re bigfoots!” Spice said. She wanted to tap on the window, but didn’t,  to scare them away or get their attention. She didn’t know which.

The larger bigfoot snatched finally the green dress from the line. Both animals lumbered out of sight.

This shared experience kept these two girls friends for life. It is worth telling that the girls started a new section in their journals, a section on bigfoot. 

Years passed. Summer Lee Clark, as an adult, enjoyed hiking the forest at the end of her parent’s yard, watching for the two bigfoots she’d seen as a girl.

Spice Martin kept her friend, Summer, informed on the news of bigfoot, as it came to her from books, Internet and such. One bit of information she shared was a rumor that someone had sighted a female bigfoot, wearing around her neck some sort of green ruffled fabric. The green had faded to a dirty grey, just tinged with green.

It could have been Spice’s dress, they reasoned. They laughed long about the whole thing, but not too loud, for they still kept to their rules for modern girls; they fought wrinkles and enjoyed still--Pretty Dresses.

The End


This story based on an early sighting, from this site, where a person said he/she observed a bigfoot dressed in a tattered very tight fitting shirt/coat.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Neet Decals Check it Out


I’m a huge bigfootaphile (ever since I was a kid) and I just stumbled across your site. I have a little side business and we have bigfoot car decals (they’re actually our biggest sellers). I was hoping you could give our decals a little love on your blog. I’d be happy to send you a few bigfoot decals of your choice.

Here is the link to our bigfoot decals:


This is how we feel here at Bigfoot Ballyhoo!

In case it is hard to read the blue: The world deserves to know that this being exists!

A Question

Now that it is spring will the bigfoots return to the high mountains? What do you think? We here at Ballyhoo have heard/read that they will.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sea Lion Caves

Double Click to Make Photo Larger and See More
Photo from Google Earth 

Bigfoot Sighted Across Road at Sea Lion Caves Oregon


Friday, March 20, 2015

Just So You Will Know/Near Or About

Guest Blogger-Editor:

Betsy Kirfman has left a new comment on your post "When Time Allows":

I had read where some people in Oregon saw a Bigfoot standing across the coast highway on a hillside at Sea Lion Coves or caves. I don't know Oregon so don't know where it might be. According to the article 3 people including a highway worker saw it on 3/6/15. The article I read seems to be gone or broken. /strange animal spotted from highway. 


Thank you for the information. ...LNP Oregon Caves is just north of Florence, Oregon.Use Google Earth to get a look at the area.

 Oregon Caves should read Sea Lion Caves, above.

When Time Allows

We, Chris and I, love to hike, picnic and beginning this year fish and camp. We are always looking for signs of bigfoot. I believe these animals know how to keep out of the way of humans. It seems from sightings that I've read, the animal has made a mistake or a miscalculation when he has been spotted (often). 

It is spring, finally. Do tell us about any sighting you have had or know of. 

The Best to all my readers, ... Linda Newton-Perry