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"For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills." Ps. 50:10 King James Bible

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Bigfoot Trap!

Click Link below to take you to the video: The Only Known Bigfoot (Sasquatch) Trap in the World.
The video is by Dan Jarrett and is 7:07 minutes long. 

A question to ponder!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Guest Editor-Blogger": Just Below

This is the link to EDA. Every last word Lori said is true.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Lori

Regarding  post " My Opinion My husband, Christopher Perry, and I ...":

[Is this the} latest push for bigfoot protection? Maybe. Todd Neiss of says in a video interview on Youtube that bigfoot would need 60 square miles per creature to not become extinct. This kind of thinking scares the hell out of loggers and mill owners and employees.

He based his hope for protection on just 1,000 bigfoot being alive from Cal to BC. Too many people are thinking that giving bigfoot protection only means NO SHOOTING THEM. No that’s not true. Under the 1972 endangered species act any one animal, bird, squirrel, mud puddle shrimp/frog or anything else REQUIRES land protection.

If you read the ESA you will see that all animals designated under the act will have 200% of their optional habitat preserved. Under the current EDA finding just one 3 family pod of Sasquatch will require 20,000 acres per family to be locked up to the public. It is thought that bigfoot migrate from BC to Cal during the winter months. This in turn would shut down the entire Pacific Northwest to logging and even tree thinning

If you want to turn the Pacific Northwest into a zoo for bigfoot then let science proclaim the animal real. No it doesn't just apply to USFS or BLM, it's all private land owners too. The ESA does not take into account economic factors like forest jobs. Its one concern is protecting a species from extinction. Being bigfoot is most likely a primate then even more stringent rules would apply.


Well, Lori, I guess if this is all true, there is much to worry about if Bigfoot is ‘discovered.’ Thank you for the time you took to write this thoughtful comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Monday, September 29, 2014

This Site Brought to You

My Opinion

My husband, Christopher Perry, and I enjoy hiking in the forest. I do not want to round a curve and come face-to face with a bigfoot. I don’t want to see a bigfoot, unless it is far enough away that it can’t see me. Why? Because these animals scare me!

I’m so thankful we, my son and I, didn’t see the bigfoot on our hike at the Oregon Caves. If we had to flee the area quickly, certainly one of us would have been hurt. We were there late spring, with snow at higher elevations, before and just after the ‘big tree.” We both slipped and fell several times.  Mind you, I went to the Oregon Caves because of Dr Johnson’s 2000 sighting.

If a bigfoot prowled my yard, I’d call the police. It would be up to that agency to decide what to do with the bigfoot. I know bears in yards are handled one of two ways: If the animal has hurt someone, it’s shot. If it has harmed no one, it is darted and hauled off to the forest. I expect the same to happen to a bigfoot. I can’t remember how a mountain lion is handled. I can only remember them being shot.

I strongly believe we forest users, and forest workers, should know that bigfoots exist. I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT NO ONE, NO AGENCY, HAS THE RIGHT TO KEEP EARTH’S ANIMALS FROM

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: Anonymous 
(In response to the ditsy post below.)

Linda, bigfoot has been discovered. You know this is true. Facts are facts: In 1962 a dead sasquatch was found on the Oregon border with Cal. What you’re asking is impossible. You want the government to announce that bigfoot is real without any further protection needed. It doesn't work that way.

Environmental groups would ask federal judges and the judges in turn would completely close millions of acres of land. It happen in the 90s with the owl. In a number of years most of the wilderness in the world will fall to population growth as it is.

We see it all the time when a cougar is sighted in an urban area which used to be their territory. Can you imagine people calling the police saying a 9 foot ape is walking through their back yard? Would we then see the police shoot the bigfoot with a tranquilizer gun and move him/her where? Who would they call, a local sasquatch hotline, 911 or even try to shoot it on their own? People just don't mix with animals in the forest.

Can you imagine people calling their already over stretched law enforcement and demanding they remove the bigfoot before it walks off with someone's child, dog, or cat? All of this has been gone over in government and the news of a new human like primate in the US or anywhere else would make the spotted owl look like good times.


Yes I know bigfoot has been discovered and in Oregon. I'm just saying I wish a discover in another state would be recognized by science. Science has not taken the Columbus Day Animal seriously. Thanks for the thoughtful comment.... Linda Newton-Perry 

Guest Editor-Blogger

Guest Editor-Blogger: John
#106 in Archive Section

I used to get mad when people winked and laughed when I told them about all the evidence we now have that points to bigfoot being real. It doesn't bother me anymore because you find the people that are doing the laughing are people that need the government to show them the way through life.

I worked my entire life outdoors in the forest. In all of those years I never saw a bigfoot. Then one early morning in 1988 I was hunting deer and this gigantic apelike creature walked swiftly across the road right in front of me. The odor from this creature gave me a very sick feeling. It was the most pungent smell I've ever experienced. Remembering back in my working days, I had smelled this same odor several times in the woods and always put it off as a dead animal carcass somewhere nearby.

People don't realize that bigfoot is real because TV shows and movies have made it more like some man eating monster that stalks the human race in the forest. Then people watch some of the bigfoot hunter/investigators characters on TV and people believe their merely on something. In my opinion the TV shows surely haven't helped to convince anyone these creatures are real. Too many people want their ten minutes of fame on TV and this makes the general public skeptic.

Now, if a person wants to do some real reading into the evidence they soon become very much amazed that this creature has been longer than modern man probably has and has for the most part kept themselves hid from people. I have seen one so I know their real, but to many friends of mine bigfoot is just some Indian legend. They refuse to admit it’s real because they would need to alter the way they look at life and people don't like change as a rule

And then we have our government lying about what they know because of economics. Bigfoot can survive without us putting aside more forest to live in. We already know this because there still out there living. What people need to do is read all the evidence that is in many good books about bigfoot and then they might not be so quick to laugh.

Ditsy? ...

Nope, I'm not ditsy. I just have a love
for mankind. I do not wish to see
hardworking men and women lose
 family-wage jobs.


(Read above comment.)

A Little Help Here ...

Saturday, September 27, 2014

We Talk Bigfoot Here

Friday, September 26, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Fall Day in Oregon, Today

Photo by Christopher Perry

This photo is of a real live bigfoot!

I outlined the bigfoot so you can see it. Emery has at least
three more photos of this animal that are much clearer.
The photo was taken near Sru Lake, Oregon.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's a Rainy Day

Comment Please

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Never trust any wild animal ..."

Guest Editor-Blogger: Milton

One rule I have always lived by is "trust no wild animal under any circumstances." Wild animals process fear completely different than humans. Once I came upon a deer hunter that had been gored by a buck deer. He told me the animal was down then got up and charged him. Cougars are the same rule. They might run and as a rule do, but they can turn and attack. Bigfoot is thought to be a primate as far as I know. Primates are known to be temperamental as we have heard of monkeys turning and injuring their keepers.

Bigfoot is powerful enough to kill a human with full intentions of just running him out of the territory. There is too much evidence now that bigfoot can be extremely dangerous to humans. Their fascination with small children make them even more dangerous because you have  human adults nearby willing to fight for their kids survival, and a bigfoot that might take any action as an attack on itself.

In the Hamilton case the small girl was very lucky to have had her parents close to her for protection. We just can’t tell what the bigfoot is thinking or will do in this kind of situation. One of the most important things for everyone to remember is that we as humans perceive danger differently than animals do. Never trust any wild animal be it bigfoot, bear, deer, etc. They are wild and unpredictable. I believe as a retired forest ranger that I should caution people about wildlife.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Guest Editor-Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Sighting From the Past With Warning":

Ann and Linda, I'm sorry that I stated the color of the Bigfoot as a factor for aggressiveness (that only the darker ones with the red eyes being dangerous). I have spoken with many people who have had an encounter, including some at  the Salt Creek Bigfoot Conference in
Ohio, where hundreds of people converged. The consensus was that the lighter colored creatures were timid and curious, and the darker ones were the most likely to be the aggressive ones.
I can see that protecting their young would be a priority for any mammal, no matter the color, and am glad Ann made it out alive and well.

The other item that was discussed and made for very lively discussion was, Bigfoot, Man or animal? I was amazed at the number of people, professional and novice, that thought this creature should be considered of human nature.

We all have opinions on this. I’ve had three encounters, none of which I ever wished for or wanted.  I was happy in my non-belief life. LOL. But the lighter ones to me acted more animal like than the darker ones. When your encounter is as scary as Ann's, who was so busy running for her life, [I imagine] she never gave it too much thought.

 I believe you’d have to see one for yourself to realize that they have intelligence: They are survivalists. They migrate to forage food, and family seems to be very important to them.

 One more thing Ann, Did you see the little one? Did it look human in any way or was it like a small ape? Anyway, anything new in the Rogue River falls sighting from a few weeks ago? And have you heard from the little girl in the Sru Lake incident lately? We pray daily she will make a complete recovery and be able to enjoy the outdoors again. I hope one day that the whole story on what happened that weekend will be brought out to the public, so we can learn from it.

What was supposed to be the year of the Bigfoot in Oregon as far as encounters go, has been the year of the boring, no encounters, unless people are afraid to report them.


I hope you don't mind that I've made some changes to sentence lengths, etc. I wish to make the comments as easy as possible for our readers. Excellent comment. ... Linda Newton-Perry

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Youtube Video

When Police Experience a Bigfoot
This is a Youtube video, 8:24 minutes long by
Epic Sasquatch and published Nov. 17, 2012
Click link to go ...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Is Color Important?

Tim has left a new comment on your post "Sighting From the Past With Warning":

Absolutely true. Bigfoot is dangerous when people are close no matter what color they may be.

Ann talks in her comment about a yellow female. Actually many people describe the color as yellow meaning a dirty blonde color I suppose.

I was just reading about a bigfoot back in the late 1800s that is thought to have killed four prospectors up on Upper Sixes River In Oregon. The said color of that beast was yellowish according to the people who saw it. That bigfoot had a powerful hate for intruders. Some other older stories even mention a reddish bigfoot near the Three Sisters Wilderness in 1991.

Color pigmentation cannot be used to gage these primates behavior. We need to consider all of them as dangerous. Any wild animal in the frorest will protect their young anyway they can.


Thank you, Tim, for your great comment. ... LNP  

Sighting From the Past With Warning

Guest Editor-Blogger: Ann
#105 Archive Section
I really enjoy reading about bigfoot sightings on this Bigfoot Ballyhoo. It’s so refreshing to have information without all the foul language so many allow on their sites. I never disagree with anyone's views on bigfoot but I’ll make one exception on the article below on the color of bigfoot changes their demeanor.

He states that only the dark ones are dangerous. Not true. In 1960 I was chased by a yellowish colored one and darn near got it. I had accidentally got in between her and a youngster. She chased me, threw a huge chunk of wood, and literally raised all hell until I finally got out of there by running over a mile from the sighting area.

 It scared me so bad it was 13 years before I went camping again. I was taking a morning walk with my dog when she appeared from a steep ravine and chased me off. This was at Laird Lake in Curry County in southern Oregon. I know now she was just protecting her young but still people need to understand these creatures are completely wild and can be dangerous if the situation is right.


Thank you, Ann. I wish more people would be honest about how scary these bigfoot encounters can be. Best regards, Linda

Thanks ...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Just back from the Oregon Coast ...


Guest Editor:Blogger

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Having a grand day, searching for bigfoot!":

I really don't believe this is a true statement and I'll explain why. I have had 3 encounters and each time, either the Bigfoot had been staying within seeing distance, like almost a stalk [stalking me], watching me to see what I am doing and very curious, or the one terrifying encounter, where the Bigfoot charged out of the woods, coming to within 50 feet from me, like he was protecting his territory.

All 3 could have gone the opposite direction and avoided any sighting at all, but yet their curiosity got the best of them. When in the woods you can hear vehicles going down logging roads, people camping or logging operations, for miles in all directions, why would they not go an opposite direction in order not to be seen

I believe that the majority of sightings are from juvenile Bigfoots, whose curiosity has got the best of them, or an adult bigfoot, whose young one is on the other side of the road, from where they are seen. If we can hear noise in the woods, and get an uneasy feeling about our surroundings, I believe they have a ultra sensitive sense of hearing and seeing and could avoid detection by human beings if they wanted to.

I also believe [that] there are 2 different types of this creature: the lighter colored bigfoot, whom is docile and curious, with whiter eye color and the more aggressive darker colored ones with the dark eyes or red eyes, who I believe is capable of harming a human being. I have looked both types in the eyes and thought I was a dead man when the darker one came out of the woods and charged me, stopping to let out a roar that in all my 50 years in the woods, all over this country, I had never heard before and after this encounter.

My fiancée will not even get out of the car in the woods anymore after that, and we used to pick mushrooms commercially, without a fear in the world. I had two very hard working Mexican workers right behind me that day that ran to the truck and never would go back.

So to answer your question, they can hear you coming for miles, or camping, chopping wood for campfires, laughing and talking which travels for miles, and could go the opposite direction if they wanted to or stay hidden until you drive by, as 90% of drivers are looking straight ahead when driving─not side to side.


Thank you for such an in depth and experienced opinion. When ‘science’ finally stamps bigfoot real these are the type of experiences that will prove invaluable in  research. (My opinion) ... Linda Newton-Perry 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Having a grand day, searching for bigfoot!

Well... Searching for the animal's
tracks, anyway. I don't expect to
see a bigfoot. I believe they are
just too good at staying away from
humans. When one is seen, it has
made an error, a mistake. 

What do you think?

Check out the opinion in the above